1. Magdalena

From the recording Matador

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You had a scorpion tattooed on your wrist
Born the morning of November 5th
You like the legend, but you loved the myth
you created for yourself

Kiss goodbye, sweet siren of your youth
Spit on the sidewalk and flash a new gold tooth
You were a testament, living proof
Hiding a diamond in your hand

Oh Magdalena, who could blame ya
If the darkness overcame ya
But don’t let it win; don’t let it win

When the day comes to give up the ghost
Will you remember those you loved the most
Standing in the kitchen eating beans and toast
In your underwear


You had a scar on the corner of your mouth
You packed the car, and then you headed south
Nobody knew what you were all about
and you didn’t give a damn


WORDS & MUSIC; Lori Yates