I collected and painted these rocks found along Lake Erie's shoreline after a small painted rock inspired me. It had been many years since I had painted, as most of my creative focus was music, singing, and songwriting. One morning a painted rock appeared outside my door on my front stoop. Whoever had left, it remained anonymous. I put it in the front garden. A couple of weeks later, a second rock appeared, a large one with "Dream Big" written across in black lettering. 

I was dealing with grief, loss, and due to family loss, and anxiety due to the global pandemic. I knew I was not alone in this. In search of comfort, I felt inspired to paint with acrylic paints in the early dawn when the sky was dark. I found this to be both cathartic and healing. It became a form of meditative practice. I'd place a painted stone beside the wild roses and lavender sage, thinking their beauty might lighten someone's day. I encouraged others to paint "Take a rock, leave a rock, paint a rock." Many neighbors walked by and participated. I recently walked the shores of Morgan's Point and found a rock with a faint message buried amongst the millions on the beach "You are loved."