Creative Genius Songwriting Workshops 

Be inspired, write and perform new songs, have a professional gig, and be part of a songwriting community! 

Do you have a song that begs to be written?

Whether you've only dreamt of putting words to music or are looking to kickstart your songwriting juices, Creative Genius offers a supportive atmosphere in which to do so! 

You’ll learn how to: Learn to “quiet” the inner critic. Discover your "authentic voice as a songwriter. 

How to streamline lyrics and melodies and find “the hooks” within your songs. 

How to deal effectively with performance anxiety.

How it works: 

The group will meet each week  and song prompts will be handed out. They are a simple and inspiring way to kickstart a solid idea. You’ll return to present your new ideas to a small, supportive group of like-minded writers using a microphone and amp in a performance setting. 

You’ll have a one-hour private mentoring session with Lori. She will gently critique your songs and positively suggest how to improve what you've created. 

The finale of the workshop will be a “live gig” .  You will showcase your new songs to family, friends, and the general public! 

Whether you play an instrument or not, for all ages and levels, from the absolute beginner to the seasoned songwriter!…everyone is welcome! 

*COST:  email for info 


PRIVATE sessions available in person or online: 

Song Doctoring

Lori Yates has over 40 years experience in the music business. She has played a gazillion gigs and written more songs than she can keep count. Her informed opinion can help take your songs to the next level. She'll help you identify hooks and show you how to strengthen  the foundation of your song. 


Performance Coaching 

The stage is where Lori feels most at home! She will share some of her many secrets  ie. how to "read" an audience,  working with other musicians, dealing with anxiety etc. 


Media Coaching 

What is your  five minute elevator pitch?  Learn crucial techniques and how to control the interview. Learn how to get the journalist on your side. Become comfortable telling your story, building your brand.


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