1. I Loved Ya

From the recording Matador

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There’s a farmhouse in the distance
Old, grey and covered in vines
I know you’re waiting there for me
You’ve been waiting for the longest time
I’ll make my way back to you
If its the last thing I do
Over land, sea and sky
Cross my heart, and hope to die ay ay ay

Cause I loved ya, yeah, loved ya
I always have,
and I always will

Hold on to the horse’s mane
We’ll ride through the salty wind
Your smile is like a hurricane
We’ll never be this old again
Lay down in virgin snow
Where the wild berries grow
I just couldn’t let you go, no, no no


There’s a ghost in Caesarea
Stands at my bed and calls out my name
God sakes you know how I need you
And all of this crying is putting me to shame
I followed a murder of crows
by the old River road
while the bloody water flowed and flowed and flowed


WORDS & MUSIC: Lori Yates