1. Matador

From the recording Matador

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Electric guitar - David Baxter
Bass - Bazil Donovan
Organ - Steve O'Connor
Banjo - Jimmy Bowskill
Harmony - Kara Manovich
Acoustic guitar & vocal - Lori Yates



Met me at the Matador
I'll be there just after four
We'll scrap our boots cross the wooden floor once again
Charmaine arrives after last call
lets the drunks and the punks into the hallowed hall
where the famous and those hiding from the law
are welcome in

Tear it down, don't tear it down
Tear it down, don't tear it down
Don't tear the grand old lady of Dovercourt
Don't tear it down, don't tear it down, don't tear it down

The guitar splashes into the alleyway
We all love to hear Johnnie Lovesin play
Those rocker boys play George Jones that way
loud and in your face

When Bazil passed out in a folding chair
Ann Dunne cut off his new wave hair
put it in a frame above the stairs
leading to the stage


When Jeanne would dance
We all would watch
Kitty Galore in a cowboy top
Zeta made the hottest dogs
They never seemed to age

Don't tear the grand old matriarch of Dovercourt

WORDS & MUSIC - Lori Yates