From the recording Matador

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This song is a co-write with Guy Clark, and David Baxter played guitar on it, which makes it one of his last recordings. It was first recorded for my Sony record "Can't Stop the Girl."


Time After Time

Somewhere down the road to good intentions
There are too many heartaches to mention
You’ve had them all, oh you never learn
You flirt with disaster you always get burned

Time after time
Of laying it on the line
Why don’t you look them in the eyes
Time after time of saying it’ll be fine
Don’t tell them any lies

Sometimes you start off with arms wide open
Sometimes you wish for a kind word spoken
Sometimes you don’t know what to believe
And you only see what you want to see


So when you’re feeling down and all alone
And you can’t get a friend on the phone
The best you can do is to trust your heart
And call on me when you’re falling apart

WORDS & MUSIC; Lori Yates & Guy Clark.