1. The Stray

From the recording Sweetheart of the Valley


The Stray - Words & Music - Lori Yates

Ranie I'm the stray
You always saw me that way
Getting under your feet,
chased your down the street
Never quite fit, too eager to please

Ranie I'm ashamed
the way you saw me that day
Like a little red fox
Her paw wounded and caught
Fighting so hard to live
but dying to be free
thats how it seem to me

Every farmer knows
to gate the herd before you hunt the stray
Everybody knows
that sometimes the wild ones they just get away
Go ahead and run away

Rainie I'm afraid
you'll turn me away
I'm always knocking at your door
Always hungry for more
than you have to offer
or you want to give me
thats how it seems to me