1. simcoe

From the recording The Book of Minerva

I've fallen in love with Long Point on Lake Erie since I moved to Hamilton. One time we went down for the day and at the spur of the moment we decided to get a motel room and stay over. Not an easy task, they weren't that many to begin with and what we found were all booked up. We finally wound up in Simcoe but all rooms were booked because the rodeo was in town! What really struck me about Simcoe was the streets were packed on a hot Saturday night with migrant workers from Mexico and Jamaica looking to spend their hard earned cash. Also the beloved Rick Danko (the Band) was from there. I had the great fortune of him singing with me on my Breaking Point cd, and had the chance to hang out with him a couple of times. So Simcoe has a soft spot for me. The song is about loneliness, desire, migrant workers and Rick Danko all rolled in to one!