Next workshop:  Thursday August 24, 7:30pm

  • Write the songs
  • Record the songs
  • Perform the songs

    All in 6 weeks!

Do you have a song that begs to be written?

Whether you've only dreamt of putting words to music or are looking to kickstart your songwriting juices, Creative Genius offers a supportive community in which to do so!

Join award winning singer/songwriter Lori Yates on a journey to discover your "authentic voice" as a songwriter.

  • Gain confidence in your songwriting ability.
  • Quiet the inner critic.
  • Learn to trust your intuition.
  • Focus on lyrics & melodies.
  • Learn the art of re-writing.
  • Learn tips on stage craft.
  • Deal effectively with performance anxiety.

You will meet as a group the first 4 weeks at the studio, in the historic Hotel Hamilton (above the Mulberry Cafe) in the heart of Hamilton's James St. North arts district.

You'll be given small writing exercises and return each week to present your newly written song to a small supportive, non-judgemental group of like-minded folks.

You'll be given a one hour mentoring session with Lori. She will gently critique your songs, making suggestions on how to improve what you've created before you move into the studio.

Week 5, is the “studio” part of the workshop. You will be given 1 hour of recording time in a professional studio that has been handpicked by Lori. You will leave with a cd copy of 2 newly recorded songs!

The finale of the workshop will be a public performance where you will perform 2 of your new songs for friends, family and public! 


For dates & price, please contact me