Holiday Songwriting Session with Lori Yates...exclusive time limited offer!

Stuck for a unique gift this season? Tired of giving the same old socks, underwear and bonbons for Christmas? How about giving a song written and recorded by you? What better way to make this holiday season a memorable one than gifting your loved one with an original song!









HEY STELLA - will be playing Cameron House, Tuesdays 8-10pm, November & December

Alternative country "supergroup" Hey Stella formed in 1998, and quickly gained a reputation as one of the premiere "live" acts in the country. Spanning over five years, thousands of patrons caught Hey Stella (David Baxter, Bazil Donovan, Michelle Josef, Lori Yates) in the cavernous back room of Ted's Wrecking Yard and Ted's Collison as part of their weekly residency. Their irreverent and charming approach to traditional country tunes and their originals included; humor, pathos, stellar musicianship. The night often ended with Lori standing on a table belting out Leonard Cohen's "So Long Marianne" while everyone in the bar sang along with her, making them a crowd favorite.

The band took time off while babies were born, solo records made, careers were advanced. But when the call came for another weekly residency, this time at the venerable Cameron House, they jumped at the chance. From the opening note, it's clear the Hey Stella mojo is still there, maybe even better, and indeed their sound has aged like a fine vintage wine or a smelly piece of cheese. 




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"When you listen to Yates it’s as if you've been flipping through the channels and finally something strikes you — a line of dialogue — and you just stay with it the whole time. It's time Lori Yates got the attention she deserves: take a listen to this."

— Tom Power (@tompowercbc)